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As local Darwin residents ourselves, we feel so lucky to live in such a stunning and friendly place. We enjoy a thriving local community along with some excellent facilities. If you are considering relocating, speak to one of our agents who will guide you through the process with ease from beginning to end.

Our suburbs are the location for some of the most stunning homes set amongst beautiful aspects. We always have a rich selection of houses to let and rent in the suburbs and surrounding area

Territory Real Estate has dedicated Property Management staff who are fully trained and have an excellent knowledge of the area and industry.

Our staff are known for their attention to detail, have a strong ethic of personal service and to exceed your exceptions.

Most agencies work for the tenants but we work for the client and the other point of difference is nearly all Principals are sales trained but our principal has over 17 years in the Property Management Industry. Property Management is not a job “it’s a passion”.


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Our expert agents are on hand every step of the way to guide you through the process of renting your property.

We offer unbiased and realistic market advice, valuations and appraisals whilst making sure that you are fully informed throughout.

Whether you are relocating, looking for something larger, or are looking for an investment for the future, our heart is in the right place.

As locals we know what it means to love where you live. It’s chatting with neighbours over the fence, it’s embracing the vibe of buzzing street markets and community events.

We have a wide range of properties to suit all budgets. Now is a great time to rent a property, whether it be a family home to rent or an investment property to let out, come and see our team of friendly staff to make your dream into reality.


We search thousands of listings to find the home of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be scary and we will be there through every step.


We search thousands of listings to find the home of your dreams. It doesn’t have to be scary and we will be there through every step.


Put your home up to let in no time with exposure to thousands of potential tenants.


Put your home up to let in no time with exposure to thousands of potential tenants.
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Information and guidance to assist in letting your property or renting a home. We offer valuable advice to connect you to the market


Information and guidance to assist in letting your property or renting a home. We offer valuable advice to connect you to the market
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Stuart Rodda


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Christina Ingles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequent questions and answers asked when renting a property.

ANSWER: Our team are hand picked and long term employees. We demand a high standard of accountability from our staff because we know you will too! The team are supported by the latest in technology, regular training and a separate Trust Accountant and Leasing Consultant. This means our Property Managers are better able to respond to you or your tenants enquiries. Each of our Property Managers oversee a manageable sized portfolio and they are intimately aware of not only the property, but also the tenant too. Forging good relationships means tenants stay longer and you have a more consistent income.

ANSWER: Selecting the right tenant for your property is as important to your agent as it is to you. The agency tenancy application form enables agents to establish current and previous tenancy and employment history; as well as providing several business references.

A strict screening process should include contacting previous landlords/agents, current and previous employers, credit reference checks, to establish knowledge of the applicant’s character and reliability. Comprehensive checking of the prospective tenant’s details against the national tenancy register, NTD (National Tenancy Database), or TICA is a must.

ANSWER: There are strict laws preventing any person from discriminating against prospective tenants or people with children. The landlord is entitled to consider whether or not he or she feels pets and smokers will be suitable for their property or not. The balance of the categories is strictly governed with heavy penalties. Be warned the maximum that a pet bond can be is only valued at $260. Keep that in mind; a pair of Great Danes could do immense damage! Pet bond is only held for fumigation; damages are taken from the bond.

ANSWER: Disbursements are made from your agents trust account directly to your nominated account at the end of each month (you may opt for mid-month payments sometimes for an extra charge). You will be sent a statement of payments to your nominated email address or by post. Most agencies produce complete and concise annual reports to facilitate end of financial year proceedings.

ANSWER: We believe that regular routine inspections are a vital part of managing anyone’s valuable investment. When a new tenant moves into your property we will conduct the first routine inspection in the first six to eight weeks of the lease. We then follow up with regular inspections once every three months. Inspection reports are then forwarded onto the owners complete with colour photos and any maintenance that may need completing at the property. If we find a tenant is not keeping the property to our reasonable standard as per the act, we will send out a breach notice and follow up with a second inspection. As the owner you will always be kept informed of any concerns that we may have regarding your property. We believe by conducting inspections we keep the tenant on their game and can easily head off any potential problems by conducting quarterly inspections.

ANSWER: Remember CPI is currently around 3% per annum. Mark Hay Realty allows provision in all leases longer than 6 months for a rent review to take place. We are constantly keeping track of market trends and setting them to ensure maximum return on your investment. Even if you only put up the rent $2.50 per week every 6 months it is preferable compared to giving large increases in one rent review (which is something DIY owners are usually tempted to do).

ANSWER: Rent arrears are taken very seriously. We tackle late rent payers from the very beginning of their tenancy. In the lease sign up all tenants are presented with our rent arrears policy clearly typed out and on a red piece of paper attached to their tenancy which they must initial to acknowledge receipt of. We find this deters the majority of late payers from the beginning. If a tenants rent falls 2 days in arrears, then they are automatically issued with a termination notice from our office. The property manager will also follow up with a phone call to the tenant advising them of what action our office is taking. As per the tenancy act a termination notice gives tenants 7 to 10 days to pay their rent in full. If the rental payment is not received in full by the date that the termination notice expires we can then proceed to court for further action. During this process our property managers keep owners up to date on all steps that are being taken.

ANSWER: You need to provide your tenant with the required notice as per the Residential Tenancy Act, which states ‘reasonable notice,’ before you can arrange access for maintenance, inspections or viewings as required. Although you own the property and have a key, it is illegal for you to enter the property without that notice being served and the tenant’s subsequent approval.

ANSWER: If you manage your property by yourself, hopefully you would be contactable and able to respond accordingly. If your property is managed by an agency however, they will have systems in place to deal with these kinds of events. For example, your tenant will contact our office by calling the duty phone and reporting the emergency to the property manager on duty. The property manager will always ensure that the tenants report is actually classed as an emergency and act accordingly by arranging urgent repairs, or explaining to the tenant that the problem is not classed as an emergency and offer advice on how to fix the problem until the next business day. If there is an emergency, we will handle the situation immediately. These issues typically require fast approval to prevent further loss, and you may not be notified until the following business day. Failure to respond or take action to mitigate losses or act swiftly on health and safety issues can result in legal and financial ramifications.

ANSWER: Whether your tenants are behind on rent, have a noise complaint or any other issue, you will need to abide by the laws and guidance of the residential tenancies act 1987. A notice to remedy breach is issued as soon as a complaint is made or non-compliance with lease agreement is found. If the tenants fail to remedy the breach a notice to leave is issued as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1987. In a situation such as this you need to be very conversant with the laws and acts. Be careful that all breach notices and warnings are issued in a timely and correct manner, and all need to be fully documented as the case may well end up in the courts.

ANSWER: We will gladly contact the companies or individual(s) that you specify as long as they are actually licensed, insured and in the business of performing the required work. Remember that due to the volume of work we give to our own trades people, their prices are usually cheaper and they will guarantee their work. We can also liaise with owners if they wish to do minor maintenance and repairs themselves.

ANSWER: Yes. If you have leased your property with a full inventory of items, then you must maintain this throughout the tenant’s lease. Furniture, electrical appliances, linen and utensils will be maintained by the tenants throughout their tenancy, however fair wear and tear is also taken into consideration. If a tenant breaks a bowl, then the tenant replaces the bowl. If the television stops working due to an electrical fault, then the owner is responsible for the repairs. If the television is not repairable, then a replacement television must be supplied to the tenants.

ANSWER: Should a tenant have the need to break a lease prior to its expiration the Residential Tenancies Act allows for the landlord to claim any costs fairly incurred for the releasing of the property to be charged to the tenant in full. Some of these costs include final bond inspection, Property Condition report update, advertising and the reimbursement of the unexpired portion of the leasing fee first paid by the landlord. Rent is also payable up to and including the day prior to a new lease commencing. The landlord does not have to accept the first application made on the property either, however in saying that that the Act requires the landlord or their agent to be seen to be using their best endeavours to minimise the tenant’s costs.

ANSWER: When the tenant vacates your property they are responsible for the following but not limited to; full payment of rent until the vacate date, or until all keys are returned to our office. The tenants must also hand the property back in the same condition it was given to them at the beginning of the tenancy i.e. no chips or marks to the walls, no stains to carpets, no damage to the property as stated in the Property Condition Report. All carpets must be professionally cleaned by an approved contractor and receipts are to be provided. We also ask tenants to have any furniture upholstery cleaned at the same time the carpets are cleaned. If mattress protectors and pillows are provided new at the beginning of the tenancy, then the tenants are also responsible for replacing the used items with new ones. If any of the above items are not carried out by the tenant(s), or if any items in the inventory are missing/broken, your property manager will arrange to have the items carried out/replaced and the costs of these items will be deducted from the security bond held which is equivalent to 4 weeks rent.

ANSWER: When selling your property with a ‘standing’ tenant it is important to consider the tenants’ rights and obligations. For example, there is a provision in the RTA (Residential Tenancies Act) to allow the seller or seller’s agent to access the property with a ‘reasonable notice period’. It is also important to know a fixed term tenancy remains even after an unconditional sale takes place. Tenants may only be given notice to vacate after the expiration of the said lease. If the lease is periodic (i.e. month to month) there is a provision to end the lease with a minimum period of 60 days after the sale becoming unconditional, when the incoming purchaser is residing in the property. If the property is simply an investment property being rented out, again the 60 days’ notice is required.

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